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Donald Sebastian Leung


I am currently a Cloud Technical Specialist at Enfinity Solutions Limited, with my current role focused on:

In my spare time, apart from upskilling, writing technical articles and participating in tech-related communities, you can also find me listening to podcasts analyzing current global events and occasionally lurking on various social media for entertainment. Every once in a while, I also solve simple Python and Rust challenges on Codewars by hand just for fun, stuff that ChatGPT and friends can typically generate a complete solution for in just under a few seconds (-:



You can learn a lot more about me on GitHub: DonaldKellett

In case you’re wondering why my GitHub profile name is “DonaldKellett” instead of my usual online identity “donaldsebleung”: I used to own multiple GitHub accounts with at least one for school (Kellett is the name of the high school I attended for my IGCSEs and International A-Levels) and one for personal use - a violation of GitHub’s terms of service I (now) know - before eventually settling on a single GitHub account for everything. Obviously, the “school” account won (-: I’ve since hosted all of my important projects and digital assets on that GitHub account such that changing my GitHub username at this stage would break a ton of things I care about, so I’m basically forced to retain my legacy GitHub username for historical reasons (-:

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